Development of pavement management systems for road network maintenance

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Mapikitla, David
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In the past thirty years there has been a rapid deterioration of the road network in South Africa. As an attempt to address this challenge, a study was conducted on R34 between Vrede and Bothmas Pass Border. The aim of the study was to develop a pavement management system for road network maintenance to serve as a decision support tool to assist to improve the efficiency of making decisions, provide feedback as to the consequences of these decisions, ensure consistency of decisions made at different levels and improve the effectiveness of all decisions in terms of efficiency of results. The study focused on developing and testing pavement management system for road network maintenance. Consequently, visual condition inspections, non-destructive and semi-destructive tests were conducted on the field, data acquired, processed and analysed in accordance with guidelines stipulated in the Draft Technical Recommendations for Highways (TRH) 22 in order to draw conclusions. The data acquired included the surfacing assessments, structural assessments, functional assessments, traffic surveys, riding quality, falling weight deflectometer, mechanical rutting, material investigations and dynamic cone penetration. After analysis of the data, visual condition index was then calculated to be 40%. Visual condition index was then used to determine the action required towards rehabilitating the road. After consultation with guidelines contained in the TRH22, it was concluded that the pavement treatment needed for the road was Rehabilitation. It was then concluded that PMS developed would provide key performance indicators to assist with decision support system and that it is also suitable for road network applications ranging from national roads, provincial roads, regional or district arterial and collector / distributor networks in SA. The municipalities and other road maintenance agencies were then recommended to utilise the “easy to use” developed pavement management system as a decision support tool in their maintenance programmes.
Thesis. (M. Tech. (Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Dept. of Civil Engineering))--Vaal University of Technology, 2011
Road network -- South Africa, Pavement management systems, Road network maintenance, Road rehabilitation, Visual condition index