Incandescent light power efficiency: an impact study on the power consumption of the Vaal University of Technology's light sources

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Adeniyi, A. O.
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In view of the energy consumption problems, an impact study, extensive laboratory tests and an investigation towards comparable energy saving light sources was carried out on the light sources identified in the survey conducted at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT), Vanderbijlpark campus. Three types of identified incandescent light sources were purchased and extensively tested in order to obtain viable statistical data on the life span, luminance delivered per unit, power consumption and economic effect, as well as identifying relevant energy efficient light sources for replacement purposes. A suitable computerised maintenance program has been developed to be introduced to the VUT that currently does not have a lighting system maintenance program. The case study was located within the empirical-analytical paradigm, using quantitative data. The identified aims and goals place the empirical part of the study in the category of implementation evaluation research that provides an overview of a maintenance plan.
M. Tech. (Power Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology), Vaal University of Technology
Incandescent light sources, Energy consumption, Electrical maintenance plan, Light energy