Current source converters for extraction of power from HVAC lines

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Janse van Rensburg, Johannes Frederik
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Two methods to convert an AC current source to an AC voltage source are presented. Both methods make use of a current transformer to provide energy extraction from the main system while maintaining galvanic isolation between the main system and the output system. Control is via a pulse width modulation scheme in both instances. The ftrst method uses a storage element to provide a DC voltage, which feeds an inverter that supplies the AC load with a voltage source. The second method does not use a storage element but is a direct AC current source to AC voltage source converter employing a current transformer. This has not been done before. A possible application of this study is in the extraction of power from high voltage transmission lines without the conventional substation and rural grid to supply small users such as the telecommunication industry.
Thesis (D. Tech. Engineering : Electrical ; Dept. Applied Electronics and Electronic Communications) -- Vaal University of Technology
Current converters, High voltage transmission lines, Telecommunication power supply, Power extraction