Plant systems integration using the SAMI model to achieve asset effectiveness in modern plants

In recent years, industrial plant maintenance has changed dramatically. These changes are due to a considerable increase in the number and variety of physical plant assets, increased design complexity, new maintenance techniques and changing perspectives regarding on how to perform maintenance effectively. Managers at modern process plants are becoming increasingly aware of the extent to which equipment failure affects safety and the environment. Process plant personnel are limited in their ability to accurately and consistently evaluate the health of plant assets. Due to poor record keeping, maintenance staff often has little defence against aging equipment and asset failures. As a result companies have undertaken to implement planned equipment maintenance schedules and install new technology to allow for efficient tracking and analysing of equipment health across the board. The introduction of an integrated asset management solution is presented in this thesis. The integrated asset management solution will assist maintenance staff to cost-effectively predict the probability of asset failure prior to the occurrence of any actual plant incidents. The integrated solution documented in this thesis will be implemented at the Sasol Solvents site to enhance plant availability, maximum up time for all plant assets and plant safety. Strategic Asset Management Inc. (SAMI) uses the Operational Reliability Maturity Continuum model to improve profitability, efficiency and equipment reliability. The SAMI empirical model employs various stages to address improved performance and asset management and was used as a guideline to develop an integrated solution to optimise plant performance and profits. The integrated asset management solution, documented in this thesis, was developed with the intended function of bringing information from diverse plant based systems and field equipment to the maintenance personnel in an understandable interface so that the information can be used to improve the reliability and availability of all plant assets.
Thesis (D. Tech. (Electrical Engineering, Dept. of Process Control and Computer Systems))--Vaal University of Technology.
Plant maintenance, Industrial plant maintenance, Industrial plant assets, Equipment failure - Industrial plants, Asset failures - Industrial plants, Equipment tracking-Industrial plants, Integrated asset management solution, Sasol Solvents, Strategic Asset Management Inc., SAMI, Operational Reliability Maturity Continuum model, Plant profits