Library 4.0 era: Are academic libraries ready?

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Tembe, Biziwe
Mkhathali, Nomthandazo Nicolene
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4th ZULC Bennial Conference, Harare, Zimbabwe
Today, academic libraries are not only providing access to books and space to users, but they also offer a digital environment that enables patrons to use the library without visiting them physically. Like living organisms, libraries are influenced by external pressures to constantly evolve, including, changing information technology environment and greater dependence on web-based services. Some large academic libraries, for example, use automated robots in combination with RFID technology and data from the library’s bibliographic and holdings records to retrieve from storage and deliver books that have been requested by users. Whilst this application of technology is newer for libraries, it is not cutting-edge for the industry. However, it is an example of how libraries are already making use of the processes that are arising out of developments, which are increasingly part of the new industrial revolution. It seems reasonable to expect that in the future, as we will see increasing use of Industry 4.0 style technologies and processes applied to the execution of routine library work and services for patrons. The new requirement for universities is to be able to track the skills demands within the industry and move quickly to make sure that students leave their education ready to add real value to business internationally. Since academic libraries are part of a university set-up, they exist to serve the goals of its organization. Therefore, every library programme must and should support universities total programme
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Library 4.0, 4th industrial revolution, academic libraries, RFID, library technology;, library technologies;, markerspace, web.4.0, librarians