Determining the factors influencing employee job satisfaction at selected hospitality establishments in the Vaal region

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Mafini, Mejuri
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Vaal University of Technology
Satisfaction of employees in the tourism industry is very important since they are in direct contact with customers. Unhappy employees are likely to pass on their dissatisfaction to customers, forcing the customers to either spread negative messages or use other providers of similar services in the future. However, satisfied employees will pass on their satisfaction to the customers, who are likely to become loyal to the company. The aim of this research was to investigate job satisfaction amongst employees at selected hospitality establishments in the Vaal Region as well as the demographic and work-related factors influencing these levels of satisfaction. A sample of 500 respondents from hotels, guest houses, lodges and restaurants located in the Vaal Region in South Africa were requested to complete the questionnaire and after completion 271 questionnaires were usable in the final data analyses. Data were collected between May and June 2016 by means of a four-section survey questionnaire. Descriptive, exploratory and inferential statistics were used in the data analyses. Based on the results, the study showed that employees working in the Vaal Region’s tourism industry were satisfied with their work life, interacting with their work colleagues, taking actions to avoid problems in the organisation and the working environment. It was clear that job satisfaction is influenced by the type of department employees are working in, type of employment, age, educational level and working conditions. It was further found that job performance is influenced by gender, type of department, age, educational level, income and working conditions. It was clear that most of the employees were dissatisfied with their salaries. The study concluded that employees in hospitality establishments in the Vaal Region experience a high level of job satisfaction and performance, which is influenced by various demographic and work-related factors. It was recommended that hospitality establishments in the Vaal Region consider the results of this study to ensure that employees are satisfied with their jobs and are able to perform better where needed. Specific actions which can be taken to improve job satisfaction and performance include consulting employees during decision-making, reviewing salaries, maintaining physical surroundings regularly, providing challenging work and better chances for promotion, more training and development, conducting employee satisfaction surveys, ensuring a healthy family-life balance, and holding employees in respect.
M. Tech. (Tourism and Hospitality Management, Faculty of Human Sciences)|, Vaal University of Technology.