Computer literacy as additional empowerment mechanism in learning programmes

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Van Staden, A
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The world of digital interactivity, of computers, of cyberspace and the "e-revolution', is making computer literacy more indispensable than ever. There is an increasing demand for ICT skills worldwide- South Africa is not alone in identifying shortages. The information and communication technology in South Africa is exacerbated by emigration on the one hand and the previously disadvantaged learners on the other hand. With an education system that is stretched, higher education has not kept pace with information and communication technology training in South Africa, therefore learners display a shortcoming of basic computer skills. The purpose of this study is to emphasise the importance of implementing computer literacy training throughout the entire learning programme of learners at higher education institutions. Learners randomly selected from the Faculty of Management Sciences, Vaal University of Technology, indicated their computer literacy via questionnaires and levels of experience. It is clear that the abilities of the learners are not sufficient to ensure that they are computer literate or that they will be effective users in the workplace. This study results in a powerful argument in support of the extension of continued growth in computer usage in the workplace.
Thesis (M. Tech. Office Management and Technology) --Vaal University of Technology
Computer literacy