Supply chain constraints in the South African coal mining industry

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Mathu, Kenneth M.
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The study explored the South African coal mining industry and it’s role players to establish the causes of the bottlenecks/constraints experienced in the coal mining industry supply chain. A qualitative research paradigm methodology was used. Both theoretical and philosophical assumptions were utilised with inferences from and references to works by other researchers to broaden the knowledge horizons for the study. Thirteen supply chain executives and professionals from the key role players in the coal mining industry were interviewed and provided invaluable input for the study. The study determined the presence of communication barriers between the industry role players in the public and private institutions that culminated in main themes and sub-themes being established from which the industry constraints were uncovered. The study identified six main constraints affecting the various role players within the coal mining supply chain and it culminated in the model that would enable the industry to minimise such constraints. To this end, the study proposes the development of an Integrated Strategy for the Development of Coal Mining (ISDCM).The model is based on the public and private partnership arrangement that would alleviate most of the prevailing constraints when implemented. The model would furthermore have the capacity to rectify most of the existing constraints. It would be funded from the commercial sector and would operate on triple bottom lines of economic, social and environmental factors, with equal weight. This is a desirable direction for the future in order to maintain sustainable development. Emanating from the study are policy and research recommendations for the South African coal mining industry, covering the coordination of the critical areas of the proposed integrated strategy for the development of the coal mining industry. Such recommendations include further research into new coal mines and power stations as well as perceptions and expectations of potential investors in the industry, among others.
Thesis. (D. Tech. - Business, Faculty of Management Sciences)--Vaal University of Technology, 2010.
Coal mining industry, Coal industry supply chain, South African coal supply chain, ESKOM, TRANSNET