A framework for the evaluation of the information system at Eskom

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Ramafalo, Mogale Emmanuel
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A reliable and efficient information system (IS) is critical for Eskom so that it is able to manage and meet its energy demands. A reliable power supply provides stakeholders with the confidence that supply of power is managed sustainably, effectively and efficiently. Thus, an information system is integral in the effective and efficient generation, distribution and transmission of electricity. The purpose of the study was to investigate IS evaluation criteria and to develop a comprehensive framework that will serve as basis for IS evaluation across Eskom. The research study additionally investigated IS evaluation methods and instruments that are currently used in Eskom. This study produced an information systems success evaluation framework. The proposed model was built by reviewing well-established information systems success models and information systems theories found in the literature. This research study followed the interpretive research paradigm combining it with qualitative case study. The research findings linked information systems success to top management support, change management process and information quality. The findings of the study alsorevealed that quality of IS department’s service as perceived by users can greatly influence IS success. The results of this study provided enlightening reference benefit for Eskom, which was in line with Eskom’s goal of improving business processes, efficiencies and eliminating waste.
M. Tech. (Information Technology, Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences) Vaal University of Technology
Eskom, Power supply management, Electricity distribution, Information system framework, Information systems evaluation framework