Relationship between perceived leadership and management skills training in an engineering environment

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Du Toit, Francois J.
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Technically qualified persons are frequently promoted into managerial positions. This move from a highly objective and exact environment to one which is uncertain and sometimes without objective measures, principles and guidelines is not always successful. The qualities that were the foundation for success in the technical environment quite often become stumbling blocks for success 1n management. This study compares perceived leadership of a technically trained person in management who has obtained some management skills training (MST) with technically trained colleagues in management but without MST. The most significant observation from this study is that the leader with MST is perceived to be slightly more effective in terms of perceived leadership when compared with colleagues without MST. The chosen research design and the fact that other variables which also affect perceived leadership were not considered in this limited study, leads to the conclusion that MST, although an important contributor can not be seen as the only contributor to increased leadership effectiveness.
Thesis (Magister Technologiae : Business Administration.) - Discipline Human Resource Management, Faculty of Management Sciences - Vaal University of Technology.
Management skills, Engineering environment