Evaluating the value of corporate social investment as an image enhancer at a public broadcasting company

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Matsaung, David
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Vaal University of Technology
The concept of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) can be traced back more than 60 years. Although, it is not always fully understood or practiced in the clear manner that would benefit organisations, it does provide clear and consistent communication relating to CSI programmes that contribute towards alignment and consistency in ensuring community empowerment (Pillai 2017:178).The purpose of this dissertation was to evaluate the value of CSI programmes within a public broadcasting company and to further investigate how these programmes enhance the corporate image of the public broadcasting company (PBC) in Gauteng province. The study followed a quantitative design with a descriptive research approach. A self-administered questionnaire with a sample of n=500 was distributed. Twenty-eight respondents did not fully complete the questionnaire, therefore a total of 472 respondents was captured on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Descriptive statistics methods were used to analyse the data using SPSS IBM version 27 (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). The results showed that educational, entrepreneurial, social and skills development programmes are a major focus area of the SABC CSI programmes. It has become very clear that most respondents acknowledge and identify them as a priority area. Interestingly, education is regarded as one of the most outstanding programmes, and although it differs significantly in range from community development, learner support, bursary provision to capacity building it remains the pillar of the CSI programmes. The results further revealed that the CSI prorammes do enhance the corporate image of the broadcasting company. It is important to evaluate CSI programmes regularly in order to assess their value and contribution to the image of the organisation. The aim of Corporate Social Investment programmes is to empower the community and better their lives, therefore if they are not well executed, it could have a detrimental impact on an organisation’s image.
M. Tech. (Department of Public Relations Management, Faculty of Human Sciences), Vaal University of Technology.
Image enhancer, Public broadcasting company, Philanthropy, Corporate Social Investment (CSI), CSI development programmes, Community empowerment