A mobile proximity job employment recommender system

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Mpela, Motebang Daniel
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Vaal University of Technology
With a rapid growth of internet technologies, many companies have transformed from the old traditional ways of recruiting employees to electronic recruitment (e-recruitment). E-recruiting channels achieved a solid advantage for both employers and job applicants by dropping advertising cost, applying cost as well as hiring time. Job recommender systems aim to help in people – job matching. In this research, a proposed mobile job employment recommender system is a client – server application that uses content – based filtering algorithm to enable the initial selection of a suitable leisure job seeker to a temporary job at a particular place and vice versa. A prototype of a mobile job recommendation application was developed to evaluate the algorithm. The evaluation matrix used to assess the prototype are precision, recall and the F-measure. The precision value was found to be 0.994, the recall value was 0.975 and the F1- score was 0.984. The experimental results of the proposed algorithm show the effectiveness of the system to recommend suitable candidates for jobs at a specified area. The recommender system was able to achieve its main aim of enabling the initial selection of suitable temporary job seekers to a temporary job at a particular place and vice versa. Thus, the results of the proposed algorithm are satisfactory.
M. Tech. (Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences), Vaal University of Technology.
Electronic recruitment, Job recommender systems, Job matching, Mobile job recommendation application, Mobile proximity job employment system